Alzheimer’s patients will be taken care of at home, the patient will live a long life

Alzheimer’s patients will be taken care of at home, the patient will live a long life

It is very difficult when there is an Alzheimer’s patient in your house. Since the disease named Alzheimer’s starts destroying the cells of your brain, then the memory of any person starts getting weak. Then such people find it very difficult to remember recent events. He may forget names and words too.
In such a situation, to live a healthy life, they require close care, and this work can be done by the trained nursing staff at your home in the best, better way. Talking professionally, we at Rivansh Home Health Care are well aware of this, and play our role in taking special care of Alzheimer’s patients.

Let us tell you that Alzheimer is a special disease, which affects human memory, thoughts, and even behavior. Since the patient has a problem of not remembering anything in it, taking care of the patient becomes a very challenging role. Even in the initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the patient rarely forgets, but in medium stage of Alzheimer’s disease, this symptom starts increasing. Then they have difficulty in recognizing close friends, difficulty in doing routine tasks. For example, sometimes patient forgets to even wear clothes, or has difficulty urinating. The people of the house get upset due to this kind of basic problem.

But the biggest difficulty comes when after early and middle Alzheimer’s comes the last stage of Alzheimer’s. It is very dangerous for any patient to be in the last stage of Alzheimer’s. In this, the patient has to be helped in all the basic activities, such that the patient can forget the habits like sitting, walking, and eating. In this, it becomes difficult to even talk to people. Even such a patient has difficulty chewing and swallowing any food.
Obviously, in such a situation, the patient needs very special care, and at Rivansh Home Health Care, we take care that the Alzheimer’s patient can be given special care according to his condition.

For this, we set up a routine, and makes the patient feel comfortable with the help of our staff. This increases emotional attachment and helps the patient remember and follow the routine.

In this, our team makes a complete list of what activities a patient has to do. This includes listening to music, cooking food, exercising based on medical suggestions, walking, lightweight training, dancing, playing games at home, gardening, etc. Urban gardening is also a great solution for limited space, and companies like Veg Roof make this possible with PVC pipes. Home gardening not only has a positive effect on the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient but also provides organic vegetables.
In this case, we customize this list according to the patient and give special training to our staff at Rivansh Home Health Care about which activity will be beneficial for which level of Alzheimer’s patients.

Certainly, it is a difficult path, but we take care of the patient on this difficult path with utmost patience.

Communication is important

Yes, an Alzheimer’s patient needs to communicate with others. The patient even forgets the meaning of many words, or he forgets to make sentences. In such a situation, the team of Rivansh Home Health Care, with eye contact and a smile, slowly and gradually brings these things into communication. Our team keeps communicating important words, and sentences with the patient, and communicates with the patient patiently with a soft and calm voice.

Certainly, it proves to be very effective in many cases. The most important thing is that our team gives suggestions to other family members as to how to talk to the patient so that his health improves.

A Nutritious diet is necessary

Yes! It is very important to help Alzheimer’s patients and give them nutritious food regularly. Many times the weight of an Alzheimer’s patient falls very fast, because many times he forgets to eat food, or starts giving priority to the same type of food. Even sometimes they have trouble chewing and swallowing food. In such a situation, there is a health problem. As mentioned above, home gardening helps you a lot in such a situation. Companies like Veg Roof set up your Kitchen Garden in very little space. In such a situation, the Alzheimer’s patient gets nutritious food from home.

Clean up

Cleanliness is also very important after a nutritious diet and helps a lot in keeping any patient healthy. The staff at Rivansh Home Health Care goes a long way in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene around the patient. Not only the surroundings, but our staff takes care of the patient himself, from brushing teeth to dressing, shaving to nail cutting. Not only this, our staff considers it their responsibility to remind the patient about dressing, etc. through dialogue, to help the patient continuously in this matter. We do it very well and with utmost care.
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