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Know these important things before hiring nursing care for the elderly at home! won’t bother

At a certain point in life, caring for the elderly becomes necessary, and at such a stage there is no better place than home. In the changing times, people themselves do not have a lot of time, so it becomes difficult. For these conditions, the services of home health care or nursing care at home are becoming increasingly popular and ‘Rivansh Home Health Care’ is also one of them.

Home health care not only takes complete physical care of the patient but also supports emotionally to the elderly. A full-time caregiver is a person who takes care of in a similar manner. But the thing to keep in mind is that before choosing nursing care, you must take the advice of the health care provider doctor, and other people. Nursing care not only in normal days but also in emergencies provides complete help to the patient’s elderly. And for this, staff members should be given complete training. At ‘Rivansh Home Health Care’, we take utmost care to bring a human aspect to elderly care. Let’s know about it

You should keep the following things in mind while choosing a nursing caretaker

Caring is important

Yes! Skill is a matter in this, but affinity towards the patient is also very important. This can only be possible if the home health care or nursing care team is well prepared to take care of the seniors in your home, that’s why you must have a detailed one-to-one session before hiring.

Take care of backup

Yes! In nursing care, you have to take regular service and in such a situation, when the nursing care provider is unable to provide service on any day, it gives you another option. About this notice, you should confirm by talking beforehand.

Take feedback

Whoever provides you with home health care service, try to get feedback from their old customers. This will give you an idea of ​​the standard of their service. At Rivansh Home Health Care, we take care of these things very well, that every customer who comes to us, their patient’s health updates should be closely monitored, and full care should be taken.

Be ready for emergency

What is the main problem of your patient or elderly care? For example, many people have physical problems, many people are thin, and many elderly people are slightly overweight. Apart from this, ask clear questions and get answers regarding the mental condition of your elderly patient, so that the nursing staff can handle it in case of an emergency. If he is not able to solve such problems, then you may face problems in case of an emergency. That’s why talk about it first.

Keep Experience in Mind

If your patient has to go to the toilet and the nursing staff wants to pick him up, then ask questions and get answers from the home health care staff about whether he has any problem with this. Apart from this, special training is required for special care from medicine to dementia care, post-hospital care, etc. Together, experience plays a big role in this, so you must ask questions to the company providing home health care service because this is the thing that will give you strength.

Make sure to meet the patient once

Before finally keeping the nursing home health care staff with you, the patient who has to be taken care of, the elderly who has to be taken care of, must get them interacted with once so that they too become comfortable. Sometimes the personality of each other match, and sometimes there is a mismatch. In such a situation it is very important to introduce the patient and make him comfortable, taking care of his choice.

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How to take care of a cancer patient at home?

It is very unfortunate when there is a cancer patient in the house! In this situation, the patience of a man is tested realistically. Certainly, taking care of a normal elderly as a normal patient is also challenging, especially when no one has time these days! In such a situation, when there is so much running around in the world, how can a cancer patient be taken care of at home in such a situation? In this article, we will give you detailed information about it.

By the way, you can also take home health care services for the care of cancer patients. Rivansh Home Health Care Services provides such a special facility. To take care of cancer patients, you have to provide not only physical but also emotional support. These patients need special attention in following the daily routine too. Simultaneously, taking these cancer patients to the doctor, cooking food for them on demand, and talking with them are mandatory services. You also have to take care of giving medicine to the patient on time.

No doubt, home health care services provide you with this kind of special care, and in this context let us know if you have any cancer patients in your family or neighborhood.

As we all know, cancer is a very dangerous and emotionally devastating disease. In such a situation, care is important, and it can be divided into three categories, in which there is emotional support or emotional care, whereas there is medical care, then finally there is practical care.

Let us know that the care of a person battling cancer can be teamwork, and at Rivansh Home Health Care, we take care of this very well. So that you, your patient, do not face any kind of problem. One person is not enough for such care, because many times he may have to go somewhere, and many times he may have to take leave, so in such a situation backup is also very important.

While taking care of any patient, especially a cancer patient, you have to keep in mind that no step should be missed! Be it exercise, be it medicine, be it routine, make a list of tasks, and in that checklist, with the help of technology, fix the time for each routine. We provide Home Health Care Services and Nursing Care Services and take care of this very well.

Keep in mind that the nursing staff needs to be active because emergencies can be handled like this. If the nursing staff is dull and lazy, then it becomes difficult and you have to take care of these things very well. All the staff members at Rivansh Home Health Care are very active, so they are ready to take care of even the smallest movements of the patients. The smallest patient information is very important, it is necessary to notice the smallest update, in such a situation the nursing staff should not ignore these things.

It is very important to keep yourself positive while taking care of the patient because it does not get better in 1 day. Emotional support is necessary for a person suffering from cancer, in such a situation being positive plays a very vital role. If you do not remain positive then you will come under stress. In such a situation, you can’t help the patient. At Rivansh Home Health Care, we know all these difficulties, so give excellent training to our staff members on these things.

Keep in mind, if a person is undergoing treatment for cancer at home, then the atmosphere of the house should be very positive because these things have a direct effect on the health of the patient. We are in constant touch with the medical staff and constantly share information with the medical staff, as well as with the home guardian too. And these things are done with a professional approach.

So you can contact us for the care of any cancer patient. To avail of these services, message us on our WhatsApp number today or you can call us directly.

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Alzheimer’s patients will be taken care of at home, the patient will live a long life

It is very difficult when there is an Alzheimer’s patient in your house. Since the disease named Alzheimer’s starts destroying the cells of your brain, then the memory of any person starts getting weak. Then such people find it very difficult to remember recent events. He may forget names and words too.
In such a situation, to live a healthy life, they require close care, and this work can be done by the trained nursing staff at your home in the best, better way. Talking professionally, we at Rivansh Home Health Care are well aware of this, and play our role in taking special care of Alzheimer’s patients.

Let us tell you that Alzheimer is a special disease, which affects human memory, thoughts, and even behavior. Since the patient has a problem of not remembering anything in it, taking care of the patient becomes a very challenging role. Even in the initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the patient rarely forgets, but in medium stage of Alzheimer’s disease, this symptom starts increasing. Then they have difficulty in recognizing close friends, difficulty in doing routine tasks. For example, sometimes patient forgets to even wear clothes, or has difficulty urinating. The people of the house get upset due to this kind of basic problem.

But the biggest difficulty comes when after early and middle Alzheimer’s comes the last stage of Alzheimer’s. It is very dangerous for any patient to be in the last stage of Alzheimer’s. In this, the patient has to be helped in all the basic activities, such that the patient can forget the habits like sitting, walking, and eating. In this, it becomes difficult to even talk to people. Even such a patient has difficulty chewing and swallowing any food.
Obviously, in such a situation, the patient needs very special care, and at Rivansh Home Health Care, we take care that the Alzheimer’s patient can be given special care according to his condition.

For this, we set up a routine, and makes the patient feel comfortable with the help of our staff. This increases emotional attachment and helps the patient remember and follow the routine.

In this, our team makes a complete list of what activities a patient has to do. This includes listening to music, cooking food, exercising based on medical suggestions, walking, lightweight training, dancing, playing games at home, gardening, etc. Urban gardening is also a great solution for limited space, and companies like Veg Roof make this possible with PVC pipes. Home gardening not only has a positive effect on the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient but also provides organic vegetables.
In this case, we customize this list according to the patient and give special training to our staff at Rivansh Home Health Care about which activity will be beneficial for which level of Alzheimer’s patients.

Certainly, it is a difficult path, but we take care of the patient on this difficult path with utmost patience.

Communication is important

Yes, an Alzheimer’s patient needs to communicate with others. The patient even forgets the meaning of many words, or he forgets to make sentences. In such a situation, the team of Rivansh Home Health Care, with eye contact and a smile, slowly and gradually brings these things into communication. Our team keeps communicating important words, and sentences with the patient, and communicates with the patient patiently with a soft and calm voice.

Certainly, it proves to be very effective in many cases. The most important thing is that our team gives suggestions to other family members as to how to talk to the patient so that his health improves.

A Nutritious diet is necessary

Yes! It is very important to help Alzheimer’s patients and give them nutritious food regularly. Many times the weight of an Alzheimer’s patient falls very fast, because many times he forgets to eat food, or starts giving priority to the same type of food. Even sometimes they have trouble chewing and swallowing food. In such a situation, there is a health problem. As mentioned above, home gardening helps you a lot in such a situation. Companies like Veg Roof set up your Kitchen Garden in very little space. In such a situation, the Alzheimer’s patient gets nutritious food from home.

Clean up

Cleanliness is also very important after a nutritious diet and helps a lot in keeping any patient healthy. The staff at Rivansh Home Health Care goes a long way in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene around the patient. Not only the surroundings, but our staff takes care of the patient himself, from brushing teeth to dressing, shaving to nail cutting. Not only this, our staff considers it their responsibility to remind the patient about dressing, etc. through dialogue, to help the patient continuously in this matter. We do it very well and with utmost care.
So if you need our service for the care of any Alzheimer’s patient, then do WhatsApp us on the WhatsApp number given below, or you can also call us.

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Home Health Care Services for patients in a professional manner, know about it!

Medical science has found different cures for more than one incurable disease. With proper medical research, medicines have definitely provided a lot of comfort to the sick people. However, one thing has not changed even in this era of modern medical science, and that is patient care!Earlier the people of the house used to do this work easily, but now everyone has a lack of time. So in such a situation only professional services like Rivansh Home Health Care are there to help you.

Pay attention, in such a condition of the patient in which he is unable to walk, sit or do his regular work, then experts advise, like nursing care will play a vital role. Sometimes this happens in the hospital itself, but long-term care is possible at home only. In such a situation, a proper nursing professional service is required to take care of the patient.

It is said that along with medicine, proper care brings more relief to the patient. Not only this, but during illness, some activities are necessary for the patient, which should be known to the person taking care of him. In such a situation, the people of the house have a lack of time. Simultaneously, it is a fact that they do not have expertise in patient care. Let us know in detail about what is required for the patient for continuous care….

To feel the presence, to feel safe

The patient needs someone near him when he feels uncomfortable, so that he can talk about his problems and needs like food or medicine and the patient can get these things easily at the right time. Touching for support from a family member or nurse makes the patient feel positive and safe. With the eye contact that happens during this, the patient can easily tell his talk to the caregiver.
Listening and getting to know

Often the family members ignore the patient’s words even after listening to them, but listening to the patient’s words makes him feel relaxed. At Rivansh Home Health Care, we give detailed training to our staff, so that they listen to the patient’s every word and treat it seriously.
It is necessary for the family member or the nurse kept for care to know their patient, so that they can identify the changes in health and make changes in the treatment. Here again, it is the same thing that the family members have their own work, their own busyness, and in such a situation we easily do the work of handling the patient in a professional manner at Rivansh Home Health Care.

Communication with positive approach

It has been revealed in many researches that having faith in efforts and having positive thinking can improve the physical and mental condition of the patient. To clarify this point a little more, as a professional, our staff member of Home Health Care knows this and also believes that with continuous care patients get cured. They improve, if a professional does his work with a positive approach. Along with this, he is also successful in making the patient understand his point of view. Even the patient may not listen to the people of the house, but listens to a professional easily, and accepts him.

Correct reports, medical updates and privacy matters a lot

During the care of the patient, our staff member of Rivansh Home Health Care keeps in mind that every update related to patient health should be given to the patient’s family members. Every update is given to the patient’s guardian during the meeting, or on WhatsApp. Where the patient’s habits are improving, where further improvement is needed, these things are closely monitored and communicated with proper responsibilities. Not only this, from giving medicines on time, to medical examinations, they are involved in this process. In fact, we, along with the patient’s guardian, work on each and every angle to improve and make the patient feel better. 

After all, what is more important in this life than health? Along with this, we believe in keeping the patient’s data confidential. We are also careful about what to share with the patient and what not, according to medical requirements. The Rivansh home health care team gets proper training for all these work.

So what was difficult earlier is now easy!

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All department doctor visit at home

Either you talk about Physician doctor or any department doctor visit at home, we are bringing clinical expertise and personalized care, provided by a team of skilled and emotionally trained professionals in the safety and comfort of your home. Ideal for those who require assistance in managing their medical condition or seek convenience in diagnostic and health monitoring. Be it any condition, we will look after your loved ones as our own
Clinical expertise and personalized care provided by a team of trained professionals in the safety and comfort of your home.
At Rivansh home healthcare, we take care of every odd condition of patient.

Contact at our Helpline numbers: 9871463307, 8882004668

Elder Care at home

Our Elder Care Service at home offers the best preventive and general health monitoring for the elderly. Here, at Rivansh Home Healthcare, we will provide home medical care and attention for your loved ones. Our well trained and compassionate team of professional medical personnel will gladly assist your family members with their day to day activities and medical needs during their old age.
Providing our elders with reliable and proper elder care services will allow them to maintain good health and dignity in life. Moreover, elder care services will allow you to express how much you care for them, plus it will give you the peace of mind and assurance that your family members and loved ones are taken care of properly.

Contact at our Helpline numbers: 9871463307, 8882004668

Physiotherapist Doctor

A physiotherapist doctor works with patients to develop customized programs designed to restore as much as possible their functional ability and movement. They are trained to help patients at all stages of life — from infant to old age — whose function and movement are impacted by:

Health conditions
Environmental factors
Weight issues

We, at Rivansh Home Healthcare, provide the best facility for these services.

Contact at our Helpline numbers: 9871463307, 8882004668

GDA Nursing Assistant

The General Duty Assistant or GDA program is designed to provide quality care to patients admitted in nursing homes, hospitals and at home also. We provide trained General Duty Assistant staff. Our Staff are certified General Duty Assistants (GDA) and thus work in an efficient and knowledgeable manner.

Contact at our Helpline numbers: 9871463307, 8882004668

Nursing Staff – GNM, BSC.ANM

We provide best services in this segment. Our Nursing staff are skilled with GNM, BSc.ANM Courses.

We provide various Attendant Services at home, including…

Personal Care
Oral Hygiene
Bed Bath/Sponge Bath
Skin Care/Non-medicated lotion to dry areas
Assist with getting dressed

Timely medication and monitoring
Prepare meals/snacks for patients
Assist in feeding and fluid intake

Assist with walking and home exercises
Turn position in bed
Range of motion exercises

Assist to bathroom or bedside commode
Assist in using urinal/bedpan
Incontinence care
Empty colostomy/catheter bag

Support Services
Patient’s laundry
Take care of patient’s room
Companionship and polite conversations

Condition Specific Care
Stroke & Paralysis

Contact at our Helpline numbers: 9871463307, 8882004668

ICU Set-up in home

Have a loved one who is critically ill? We can setup a fully functional ICU at home to help the patient heal better.

There might be times, when it so happens that a patient requires the facilities of an Intensive Care Unit for a long duration. This can prove to be taxing, both monetarily and emotionally, especially for the immediate family members. This is where Medfind can step in, and set up an ICU at home. At Rivansh Home Health Care, we understand that at no cost, do you want to compromise on the facilities being provided to your loved one.

Contact at our Helpline numbers: 9871463307, 8882004668

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